Escapee left minimum security satellite camp

A minimum-security inmate walked away from the Taft Correctional Institute on Friday.
Sergio Blancarte, 33, was serving a 151-month sentence for conspiracy to distribute marijuana.

He is described as a Hispanic male standing 5-7 and weighing 135 lbs. with a scar on the top of his head.

Blancarte, also known as Sergio Sanchez Blancarte, was noticed missing at the 10 p.m. Friday bed count, according to Management & Training Corporation, which operates the facility under a contract with the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

Blancarte was housed in the minimum-security satellite camp outside the main facility. There is no security fence around the camp.

He is not considered dangerous and has no history of violence, according to a news release.

Blancarte’s absence was noticed at a 10 p.m. bed count and prison officials notified local and federal law enforcement agencies. Anyone with information about the escapee should call the prison at 763-2510 or contact local police of sheriff’s deputies.