New tree added to Veterans Memorial Park as city  plans to plant 3,000 more trees

It was red, white, blue and green last Friday as the City of Taft observed Arbor Day.
Students from Chara Yochum’s first grade class at Parkview School participated, reading a poem and learning about trees.

The  students received American flags to hold during the observance from the city and learned about trees from Lindsay Ono, a horticulture professor at Bakersfield College, and learned about the city’s ambitious goal of  planting more and more trees in the community.

The focal point of the celebration was a channel ash tree planted in the park at the rear of the Civic Center.

It’s a small tree, now, but Ono told the children and the small group of spectators that it will grow much larger.

“This is going to be your tree,” Ono told the children as they took turns  pouring dirt around the roots. “It’s going to be a nice, big tree – 65 feet tall with a 45 to feet 50 foot spread. This is going to be your tree forever and ever.”

City Manager Bob Gorson told the children the city wants to plant 3,000 trees in the next three years.

“It’s a pretty aggressive goal,” Gorson said.

It’s a part of the city’s goal of creating a “Greener Taft,” Gorson said.