Scores from Tuesday's games

State Farm 12, Buckhole’s Bar & Grill  4

Amber Neathery had two hits in the game. Fernando Romo and Kenny Miller both scored three runs and had three hits in the contest.

Buckhole’s-Doug Downey had two hits.

Tuboscope 13, Devon’s Body Shop 12

Tuboscope-Larry Disney and Greg Juengstead both had three hits.

Stoper’s 5, Jack Trophies Benchwarmers 4

Stop’ers-Fred Alonzo had two hits.

Benchwarmers-Bobby Krier and Gio Flores each had a couple of hits.

Maniacs 18, Stop’ers 5

Maniacs-Sarah Needham and Alan Miller each had four hits.

Stop’ers-Dennis Lyon had two hits.

Tuboscope 10, Lacy Painting 6

Lacy Painting-A.J. Johnson and Doug Hunt had two hits.

Tumbleweeds 10, High Card Bombers 7

Ventura Compressor 11, State Farm 6