'Washington failed America,' congressman says in statement issued Sunday night

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman McCarthy issued the following statement on the House passage of the health care bill:

“Today’s “historic” vote is a sad day. Washington failed America. The People’s House had a choice – vote to listen to the people and start over with a good bill, or dictate to the people that Washington knows best.  212 Democratic and Republican Members of Congress fought against the government takeover of health care, and voted to listen to America. However, 219 Democratic Members of Congress prevailed with passing an ideological agenda on a purely party line vote. Congress did not listen.
“This bill is a bad bill. It’s bad for our children who will inherit more debt, it’s bad for America’s job creators who will pay higher taxes, and it’s bad for Americans who are on a path to pay more taxes for Washington to control their healthcare.  This bill contains $1.2 trillion in new spending at a time when America is borrowing 43 cents on every dollar it spends. Washington is once again stealing from our children’s generation. This bill contains $560 billion in new tax increases, which includes higher taxes on small businesses and 12 individual tax increases that break the President’s pledge to not tax families. At a time of record unemployment, raising taxes on small businesses that create over 70 percent of America’s jobs is wrong. America deserves better.
“This bill is fiscally irresponsible, and raises questions on the constitutionality of several provisions in the bill.  Where do we go from here?  The fight to improve health care must not end with this government takeover of health care bill, which is fiscally irresponsible and raises constitutional questions that will likely head to the courts.  We could have done better and actually worked to reduce health care costs, address preexisting conditions, and make common-sense insurance reforms that the American people want, instead of passing this Government-knows-best bill.”