Ford City-Taft Heights Sanitation District wants to raise rates to $247 annually for single family homes


Sewer fees for property owners in the Ford City-Taft Heights Sanitation District may be rising significantly.

If the proposed rate hike is imposed, it will increase the annual sewer service charge for the district from $178 per year to $247 per year for a single-family residence.

That rate will not be imposed, however, if more than half of the property owners protest in writing.

A public hearing on the proposed increase will be held at 2 p.m. on May 18 in the Board of Supervisors chamber at 1115 Truxtun. The Board of Supervisors, acting as the Board of Directors for the district, will conduct the hearing.

The Ford City-Taft Heights Sanitation District shares the cost of operating the Taft Waste Water treatment plant with the City of Taft.

The rate increase, if approved, will bring ratepayers in the unincorporated areas to just about what city property owners pay ($246.84 per single family residence), according to a letter received this week by the ratepayers affected by the proposed increase.
The increase is based on the consumer price index, according to the letter.

If approved, it will be the first rate increase since 1991.

The increase is needed to cover the cost of operating as well as equipment replacement and maintenance for the plant.

For more information about the proposed rate increase, call the Ford City-Taft Heights Sanitation District Hotline at 862-8646.