They start process of adding a lawn to a neighbors home


Unity Thrift Outreach does more than help rescue dogs wand provide spay and neuter assistance to pet owners in need.

It serves people, too.

Last week, the group removed gravel from the front of a house on East San Emidio.

The occupant, Emily Barrett, is on disability and can’t afford to hire someone to do the work.

So the Unity Thrift volunteers stepped in.

Their goal is to put in a fenced yard with a lawn for Barret’s dogs to run on. She has cement in the back yard, leaving no place for her three dogs to play outside on grass.

“They really don’t have any place to get out where it is safe,” Barrett said

She is fostering one dog, Cinnamon for Unity thrift Outreach, and has two dogs of her own.

Cinnamon is recovering from a broken leg.

Hodges said the group took the female Pomeranian in when its owner asked them to because he is moving into assisted living.

“We want to help people, too,” said Linda Hodges, one of the founding members of the group. “We want to help people as well as animals.”

Unity Thrift Outreach is a group of volunteers working to help improve the quality of life in the area, especially by dealing with the problem of unwanted pets.

The group will adopt and foster litters of puppies and take them to no-kill shelters and alos helps people with the cost of spaying and neutering their pets.