One suspect still faces trial. Charges stem from cajacking in Ford City on May 8

Two of the three men arrested last month on carjacking and robbery charges have pleaded no contest to theft and participating in a street gang and are awaiting sentencing

The third suspect has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

Jairo Soto-Acosta, 20, and Jose Rosales Luis Ponce,18 remain in custody in the Kern County Sheriff's Lerdo pretrial facility and will be sentenced on July 8, according to Kern County Superior Court records.

Soto-Acosta is being held on $216,500 bail and Ponce is being held without bail for both the criminal counts and a no-bail immigration hold.

They both pled no contest to two felony counts and carjacking and robbery charges were dropped

Bulmaro Sanchez, 18, still faces four felony counts stemming room a May 8 attack on a man in the 300 block of Adams Street.

Sanchez is also being held without bail on an immigration hold.

He is scheduled to be in court next on June 28.

Sanchez was arrested on May 11, three days after the victim told officers that the men attacked him on Adams Street, took his car keys and stole his car.
The vehicle was later recovered in Bakersfield.

Ponce and Soto-Acosta were arrested on May 14 when deputies served warrants at their homes.