Which Mike Long is running for the West Kern Community College District Board?

The local ballot for the November general election has a couple of names that may sound familiar to longtime Westsiders.
There's a Mike Long (Taft College board) and a Ken Anderson (Taft High Board).
There are two longtime Taft Ken Andersons associated with local schools, but so far there has been little confusion since one moved to Bakersfield after retiring.
"I haven't gotten any calls," said the Ken Anderson who is a candidate.
He has taught vocational classes for Taft and Maricopa high schools and is an adjunct instructor in the business division at Taft College.
The other Ken Anderson was a longtime Taft High teacher and swimming coach.
But there is some confusion over two Michael Longs.
One is a longtime Taft resident who is president of the Laborers of the Harvest charity organization.
He's not running for anything, but some people think he is.
"It's pretty confusing," said Long, the charity manager.  "There was even more confusion two years ago when the other Mike Long ran.  People were asking me if I was running for the school board."
The Mike Long who is the candidate owns the Taft Crude Coffee House and the weekly newspaper The Taft Independent.
He is a relative newcomer -- having moved here about five years ago.
The non-candidate Mike Long has lived here all his life.  Eight years ago he retired as a production foreman for Chevron after 32 years.
He's been a volunteer at Laborers ever since and not once considered running for any office, he said.
"No, never."
He's very content doing his thing as a volunteer.
"It's a lot of work, but it's very rewarding," he said.
The candidate Mike Long ran unsuccessfully for the TC board two years ago, and was one of the applicants considered for replacing John Miller when he resigned as a college trustee earlier this year.  The board appointed Dawn Cole, director of administration at the West Kern Water District, as Miller's replacement.