City may offer tax incentives to stay in Taft

Clariant Corporation is apparently planning to move its oilfield chemical operation out of Taft, and the city is going to try to persuade it to stay.
The Taft City Council is going to hold a special meeting Thursday to try to come up with incentives, possibly including a tax break, to keep one of its biggest sales tax generators in Taft.
The meeting will be held at 5:30 p.m. in the Civic Center Council chambers.
Clariant is planning to relocate its local office from Taft to Bakersfield, according to a city staff report, and the council is going to be asked to give City Manager Bob Gorson permission to offer Clariant a rebate of some of their sales tax if they stay in Taft.
A draft letter from Gorson, which will be discussed at the meeting, will also cite the financial advantages  of remaining in Taft and expanding under the city's new enterprise zone designation, then offers to negotiate the amount of sales tax paid by Clariant.
A draft letter to Clariant President and CEO Kenneth Golder was included in the agenda packet for the council to consider
“...subject to Taft City Council approval, we could discuss terms of a disposition and development agreement (DDA) that could include the rebate of a percentage of the sales tax receipts paid by  Clariant Corporation,” the  draft letter reads.