Varsity wins by 10 while the junior varsity team shuts out the Bulldogs

BAKERSFIELD – The Taft High girls’ tennis teams got off to a good start in their season openers Thursday. Varsity won 11-1 away, and JV won 12-0 at home.

Varsity No. 1 Kristen Coke got too much sun and had to forfeit to Jackie Lopez with Lopez ahead 5-4 in the first set. Coke recuperated but did not play the rest of the day. It was all Taft after that.

Trisha Adams won a dogfight with Bulldog Mani Brar, 6-4, 3-6, 14-12. Adams finally won on her sixth match point. Ana Estrada beat Sandra Hernandez, 6-4, 6-2.

Mariah Melton beat Veronica Tapia, 6-3, 6-2. In an eight-game pro set in the second round, Taylan Erro beat Valerie Martell, 8-0. Gloria Hartley beat Pam Martinez, 8-0. JC Yarbrough beat Danielle Aguirre, 8-0. Haley Houghton beat Esmirna Gonzalez, 8-1.

In doubles, Adams and Estrada beat Lopez and Brar, 8-2. Yeraldin Barrera and Melton beat Hernandez and Tapia, 8-3. Hartley and Yarbrough beat Martell and Aguirre, 6-2, 6-2. Erro and Houghton beat Navi Kaur and Nokia Moreno, 6-1, 6-1.

In the JV match, Wendy Herrera beat Alex Marquez, 8-2. Haven Cook beat Josefina Baltazar, 8-2. Diana Medina beat Christina Garcia, 8-1. Lupida Lozano beat Julia Sosa, 8-0.

Hailey Cook beat Jennifer Chinchilla, 8-0. Maria Sanchez beat Dali Hernandez, 8-0. Roxanna Barboza beat Kassandra Cervantes, 8-0. Gloria Okafor beat Edri Martinez, 8-0.

In doubles, Sanchez and Barboza beat Marquez and Garcia, 8-0. Okafor and Jenni Rivera beat Baltazar and Sosa, 8-2. Cheyenne McAfee and Liliana Noriega beat Chinchilla and Cervantes, 8-0. Karina Amaya and Vicki Alvarez beat Hernandez and Natalie Robles, 8-6.