Foster faces three life terms. He has pled not guilty

The preliminary hearing for Eric Edward Foster, who is accused of murdering a 3-year-old Taft girl, has been delayed until March 26.
Foster, was scheduled to be in court on Thursday for a pre-preliminary hearing and again Friday for a preliminary hearing, but his next court appearance will be on March 26, according to Kern County Superior Court Records.
No reason for the delay was given, but there is a motion to  have his current attorney withdraw from the case on the Tuesday court calendar. His hearings are being held in Bakersfield.
?Foster, 26, was arrested on Jan. 25 and charged with the beating death of the 3-year-old Taft girl, who died on Jan. 24 in the San Joaquin Hospital emergency room after he mother drove there from Taft.
Foster, the live-in boyfriend of Trinity's mother, Angela Vickrey, has pleaded not guilty to first degree murder, mayhem and torture charges.?All three counts carry terms of life in prison.
 He is being held without bail.
The autopsy and investigative reports show that Trinity suffered her fatal injuries in the early morning hours of Jan. 24.
But she had been injured before, Foster admitted to detectives.
He denied intentionally inflicting the injuries the child suffered, but changed his story after he was told he had failed a polygraph test.
Investigative reports on file show Foster told deputies that Trinity suffered a head injury when she fell from his lap and hit her head on a coffee table while Foster was arguing with Vickery.
An autopsy concluded the little girl died of trauma to her head and abdomen, including a fractured skull and swelling to her brain.
According to the reports, Foster told investigators he was fighting with Vickery when she went into another room and slammed the door.
The girl, frightened by the fighting, got onto Foster's lap but fell when he jumped up to go talk to Vickery.
She fell face first into the coffee table – “face planted” -- in Foster's words.
Foster called for Vickery to come and she found Foster in the kitchen applying ice to the  head injury. He told her Trinity had fallen.
The girl said she was OK, but vomited.
Her symptoms became worse through the day, and Vickery asked her grandmother to send her money to take Trinity to the hospital, Vickery told investigators.
Vickery told the investigators the girl was alert as they drove to Bakersfield that evening, but hospital staff said the girl was unresponsive when she was brought in.
The head injury was the third  time Trinity  had been injured, all allegedly at the hands of Foster.
She was hospitalized with second degree burns in later December after being scalded with hot water.
Foster admitted to investigators he did that in anger after the girl soiled herself.
Trinity also suffered a black eye and other injuries.
Vickery is not considered a suspect “at this time,” Sheriff's spokesman Ray Pruitt has said several times.