Taft, Shafter, Delano and others could  take inmates over overcrowded Los Angeles jails

Taft is in the running to get some inmates from Los Angles County and finally reopen the Community Correctional Facility.
 Los Angeles County Assistant Sheriff spoke to the Los Angeles County Board of Super Tuesday night and Los Angeles  County Sheriff Lee Baca sent the supervisors a six page report  exploring the possibility of using CCFs in Taft, Shafter, Delano and Coalinga to house inmates that are coming back to  their county  instead of going to state prison to serve their sentences.
Taft's CCF was closed at the end of November 2011 after the state withdrew all of its inmates under the prison realignment of AB 109.
The closure put more than 50 people out of work, and cost the city  an important source of revenue and  a labor force for  the city's public works department.
The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors request the report from Baca on Jan. 21.
The CCF's seem to offer L.A. County an attractive option for housing  the hundreds of inmates coming back to the county to serve terms that in the past would have been served in state prisons.
The CCFs can house inmates for as little as half what it costs the county, Baca said in his report.
It said the basic cost for housing an inmate at the CCF is $56 per day, while it currently costs $112.84 per day to house the inmates in the L.A. County jail.
Taft chief of Police Ed Whiting said Taft isn't in competition with Shafter, Delano and Coalinga to ge inmates from L.A. County because there are more than enough to go around.
Whiting said  L.A. County I will soon have 3,000 more inmates than it can hold, and the CCF house roughly 500 inmates each.
L.A. County would most likely send inmattes classified N3, serving longer terms, to the CCFs, according to Baca's letter.
The would all be “non-non-nons” mean non-violent, non-sexual, non-serious offenders.
Whiting said Taft officials have met with the L.A. County Sheriff's Office, but have no contract yet to house inmates and have not yet spoken with the L.A. Supervisors or administration.