Trustees concerned about risque episodes

Taft Union High School will look at revamping field trip and conference attendance policies following concerns expressed at Wednesday night's monthly board meeting.
And, closer screening of acts for the annual Mock Rock is needed.
Trustee Rick Twisselman objected to sending coaches to clinics before they have been formally approved by the board.
He said he had issues with a request to send eight football coaches to a clinic in Los Angeles March 2-4.
Of the eight, only one – head varsity football coach Jarudd Prosser – has been approved by the board.
The others (Rob Cleveland, Brian Durkan, Mike Goodwin, Ted Pendergrass, Anthony Reed, Brad Van Roekel and Johnny Wagner) are likely to be on the football coaching staff next fall but have not yet been approved by the board.
“I don't see why we are sending people that haven't been approved as coaches to go to a clinic,” Twisselman said. “You could be sending people that won't be coaches.”
Supt./Principal Mark Richardson said it's just a timing issue.
“It's the timing of the clinics,” he said.  “These are people that have been working with our program for a number of years.  We have gone back and forth on when we get coaches approved.  It's up to you guys.”
This is the time of year when football coaching clinics typically are offered, Richardson said.
“We could look at changing the timetable on when the coaches are hired.  We typically do it in May.  If the board feels more comfortable moving it up, but we probably wouldn't get them all.”
Twisselman suggested Prosser go and have the others look for clinics that might be held during the summer.
His motion died for lack of a second.
The board did approve on a 3-1 vote with Twisselman dissenting to approve clinic attendance for all eight coaches but require them to submit a written report on how the clinic benefitted them.
Twisselman also questioned whether a requested overnight trip for five welding students to attend a competition should have only one chaperone – welding teacher Pat Casey.
Board president George Harmer said he preferred two chaperones.
“Two are better than one,” he said.  “My recommendation would be that we try to get another chaperone.  If someone gets hurt, what do you do with the other four?”
Trustees approved Twisselman's motion to require two chaperones for the welders and will look into modifying district police on field trip chaperones.
Mock Rock
The board also expressed concern about Mock Rock, the popular talent show sponsored by the Associated Student Body.
“There have been some episodes with Mock Rock,” Twiselman said.  “I would like that thing to run smooth.  If it's not we need to stop it.”
Trustee Tom White agreed.
“People like to take off as much as they can,” he said.  “That thing needs to be cleaned up or done away with.”
Harmer said staff responsible for screening entries is looking into the problems.
“They do one thing that gets approved, but when the performance comes up they do something different,” he said.  “It has to be done in taste.”