Freestyle riders seek a park of heir own where they won't  get ticketed

The young BMX freestyle enthusiasts seeking a park of their own got words of support but little else from the Taft City Council Tuesday night.
The  council held a 30-minute study session in response to an appearance last month by the young bike riders and some of their adult supporters .
The riders are seeking help finding a location and constructing a BMX park similar to the Taft Skate park.?That park is off-limits to bikes and that's part of the rub.
Kids can right their skateboards and inline skates there, but  anyone riding a bike is subject to getting a citation for violating a Taft City Ordinance or even having their bike confiscated.
“We just want a place for our kids to go where they don''t  get in trouble for doing something they love,” said parent LeAnn Putnam. “They've become criminals by just riding their bikes.”
The council  said it could offer little in the way of financing.
Mayor Randy Miller suggested the BMX supporters form a committee to start raising funds for one.
Councilman Dave Noerr, who led an effort to establish the BMX race track at Franklin Field,  said it is possible to get a BMX park  but said it won't be easy.
“You had better be ready to dedicate a great deal of your time and a great deal of your resources and a great deal of your friends' times and resources,” he said.
Miller  said the city supports the effort, but, in an exchange with Fred Smith, who operated the BMX race tack, said it has very little to offer in terms of material support.
“I'm telling you we don't have the money,” The Mayor said.
“If you truly want one, you are going to have to work for it,” Councilman Orchel Krier said.