Amairani (Amy) Lopez-Figueroa, junior Siddney Edwards, sophomore Zack Fearon and freshman Oscar Nuno selected by Renaissance program.

Four students at Taft Union High School have been honored as students of the month for March. The students were selected by the Renaissance program, which promotes academics.
Students of the month for March were: seniors Amairani (Amy) Lopez-Figueroa, junior SiddneyEdwards, sophomore Zack Fearon and freshman Oscar Nuno.
“No one is more deserving than Amy (Lopez),” praised science teacher Harold Heiter. “She is as fine a person and strong a student as anyone could ever ask for.”
Yearbook adviser Stacy Lackey also praised Lopez. “Amy was a wonderful addition to my yearbook staff at the beginning of the second semester. Being unfamiliar with the process of creating a yearbook and not knowing our design software, I honestly didn't expect much from her. Well, she really proved me wrong. It took her no time at all to learn the ins and outs of yearbook and she is responsible for creating several fantastic yearbook pages. Amy's positive, hard-working personality will take her far in life.”
“Amy is an amazing, young woman,” history teacher John Kopp added. “She has such a wonderful personality that everyone is drawn to her and wants to be her friend. Some people drain you. Not Amy. She adds value to those around her.”
“You’ve got to love Sid(dney Edwards),” Kopp said. “He is smart, curious and random. He is always wondering things and asking questions And he has a clever, witty sense of humor.”
Art teacher Sophie Rasmussen also had kind words for Edwards.
“He is an outstanding student who is very creative as well as respectful to everyone around him.  He always gives 100 percent. He is also a member of the
Art Club.”
“Siddney listens well, participates in discussions, and does all the right things to succeed; completes assignments, scores well on exams,” Heiter said. He knows when to responded and when to listen. A teacher could have 50 students in a class and function very efficiently if all conducted themselves as Siddney does.”
“Zack Fearon is a super genius with a heart of gold. He is kind to others and helps them understand how to improve. Zack is a ridiculously talented young man,” said band director Amanda Posey. “He plays piano in the jazz band, percussion in band and handles all the sound effects in the drum line show. We are a better band because Zack is in it.”
English teacher Jacque White added, “Zack Fearon is a wonderful young man who is a leader among the sophomore students. He is an example for other students and shows dedication to his studies. He has a strong work ethic and helps others when they need help. I thoroughly enjoy having Zack as a student and wish I had more students like him.”
Spanish teacher Mike Cowan added, “Zack is a great kid!  He has a fantastic and unique sense of humor and is his own individual. He doesn't worry about what others may think, he just does what he knows is right. Zach takes his education seriously, and always strives to do his best, which I appreciate very much. If I could have a classroom full of Zach Fearons, I'd be the luckiest Spanish teacher around. … He's on track to accomplish anything he sets his mind to.”
“Oscar (Nuno) is a rock star,” praised math teacher Stacey Haiungs. “He is a dedicated and hard worker in the classroom with a positive attitude and a clever wit. Oscar is a model student-athlete.”
"Oscar is an outstanding student and young man!” praised AVID teacher Debra Popejoy. AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) provides instruction and framework for students to succeed in college, explained AVID coordinator Bill Wolfe.
“He (Nuno) is always willing to help his classmates. He is a cut above the rest in terms of his knowledge about how the world works whereas he sees the benefit of the work that is expected of him and he completes it with a smile. He knows appropriate social boundaries and exemplifies a healthy balance between work and play," Popejoy said.
Nuno plays on the JV tennis team and coach Doug Taylor said, “Oscar exemplifies good sportsmanship and leadership on the tennis court. He works throughout practice, helps other players and stays to clean up the courts after practice and games.”