New road surface should be down in two days if all goes according to plan

The cones went up today and work will start next week on the city's latest street repair project.
It's a big one, and will  have a major effect on travel on one of Taft's busiest streets for a couple of days at least.?That's why the project was delayed until spring vacation.
The city is going to have Sixth Street resurfaced from Ash Street south to Warren Street.
The project is scheduled to go very quickly.
The plan calls for the street surface to be ground off and removed on Monday and then repaved on Tuesday, said Craig Jones, the city's public works director and interim city manager.
Incidental work like striping will be done after the new road surface is down
The project was originally scheduled to be done over Christmas vacation, but it was postponed  because cold weather would have affected paving.
The work is being done during the spring break so it won't interfere with the heavy traffic from cars and buses going to and from the schools in the area.
It is the same process used on Harrison Street last year and on Sixth Street south of the current project a couple of years ago.