More than $250,0000 paid out in unemployment to staff that lost jobs under prison realignment

The costs to the city for the closure of the Community Correctional facility in late 2011 are adding up.
The city has not only has the city lost hundreds of thousands of dollars from the administrative and service fees for housing low security inmates for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, it is paying out big chunks of money  -- more than one-quarter million dollars so far -- to many of the employees who lost their jobs when the facility closed.
The Taft city Council is being asked to approve a loan of nearly $200,000 to the CCF to pay for unemployments costs for the first three months of 2012.
Laid off CCF employees already received  $69,645 for November and December 2011.
According to a city staff repot,. That money was paid to 37 employees for the last two months of 2011. In the first three months of 20123, 42 employees were paid a total of $198, 594.
Employees who were laid off were eligible for up to $450 each week in unemployment benefits, and they could  last up to 2 years, the city staff report said.,
The city is currently in negotiations with Los Angeles County to receive  some of the inmates flooding into that county's jail system under the prison realignment of  Assembly Bill 109, the same legislation that closed Taft's CCF last year.
But no agreement has been reached yet, and there are still no inmates at the CCF.
City officials have said  that before the CCF is reoponed, they will have in a place a financial plan with contingencies to protect the city from incurring more costs if it closes again.