Pinson understands the importance ofConstitution in ensuring Constitution will be safeguarded

  For many years federal and state governments have been quietly absorbing city and county jurisdiction because state, county and city officers have been constitutionally inept in protecting their jurisdictions.  Harley Pinson understands the importance of Amendment 10 in insuring this distinction and will protect us with it.
The County Supervisor position is far more important than just funding sidewalks.  He must use his influence to protect his area of jurisdiction from federal or state encroachment.
Politicians tend to move to state and federal levels and with that elevation their constitutional ignorance, which ignorance is destroying our liberty.  Of the two candidates for County Supervisor only Harley Pinson has shown me that he is constitutionally based and will defend me from intrusive higher levels of government.
Harley Pinson does not know of this column.  I only offer it to help the community see the critical need for constitutionally based leaders while we yet have free elections.
 Dr. Harold Pease