A lot to eat and drink, see and do in Derby Acres on Saturday

From boxing and mechanical bulls to deep pit, music and water slides, the Tumbleweed Festival has it all.
The fun gets underway early Saturday morning in and around the Tumbleweed Cafe and Bar right in the heart of Derby Acres. It will continue into the wee hours of Sunday morning
Orchel Krier started the festival four years ago, shortly after her purchased the Tumbleweed.
It was his way of giving something back to the small community.
But now it's growing and taking on added roles.
It's not a big moneymaker, but it does help raise funds for an annual Christmas party that Krier throws for the children of Derby Acres each year.
"We make it as reasonable as possible so everyone can have a great time," Krier said. "I hope everyone comes out to support it."
Word of the festival is spreading, both through word of mouth and advertising. The Tumbleweed has become a popular stopping place for motorcycle clubs out on rides and road trips, so Krier has advertised in biker magazines around the region.
It's also a way to open people's eyes about what western Kern County is really all about.
"We want to bring in new people from the outside to see oilfields – a clean safe place," Krier said. "They can also see the Petroleum Highway. We're right here, right in the middle of the oilfields."
New this year are a boxing exhibition that starts at 1 p.m. with boxers coming from the Kern County Sheriff's Athletic league and a mechanical bull that will be bucking all day and all night.
Mama's Kitchen will be playing and the music starts at 6 p.m.
There will be deep pit barbecue with beef and pork, tri-tip, hot dogs and lots more to eat and drink. In fact, the food, drink and items sold by vendors are just about the only thing that will cost you anything.