Team starts preseason practice Monday and will go three weeks before scrimmage

It may seem like summer is in full swing but a transition is coming.

The Taft football team gave the first example of that change Monday when they opened practice for the upcoming season.

"We've had a good comprehension of the playbook," said Taft coach Jarudd Prosser. "We haven't had to back track too much."

There are a couple of changes to practice this year. One of them is practice time.

Gone are the two a days and instead there is one practice. Another change is that the team doesn't spend all of their time on the practice field.

For the first half hour of practice, the team is in the weight room. They then transition to the field for the next hour and a half.

"Their getting used to lifting first then going out to practice," said Prosser.

According to Prosser, they did a lot of reteaching over day one and two.

Next week they will start to get into their first opponent in Golden Valley but will still do mostly their stuff.