Facility has been open less than a year but it is so popular District needs to expand. But first set of bids come in too high

In the year the West Side Recreation and Park District's new recreation center has been open, one thing has become clear.
The weight room was popular.
So popular, in fact, the District had to start planning to enlarge it to accommodate everyone that has signed up to use it.
“The demand was there from the beginning. We had over 100 members in the first month,” said recreation supervisor Les Clark III. “Now we have 140 to 160  members. Al lot of them ware college students, and they need more and more space.”
“When you see that weight room at night its really packed, said District Administrator Don Koenig at last weeks board meeting.
The planning stages are over, the the project has gone out to bid once.
But the bids came in way over estimates, so the project that would add another 1,0000 square feet of workout space was rebid.
The project was originally going to cost an estimated $150,000 drew a bid of $360,000.
that has forced the district to try to bid it out again.
Bids will be opened early next week, then the Board will hold a special meeting Thursday.
The current gym has about 1,700 square feet to hold a variety of apparatus ranging from free weights to stair stepping machines.
The plan calls for it to be expanded to the wet outside the current Recreation Center walls