Suspect has four prior convictions for possession of a stolen vehicle

A Taft man with four prior convictions for stolen vehicle charges was arrested again Saturday night for possession of a stolen vehicle and evading arrest after a car chase that started in the South Taft  are and continued through two residential neighborhoods.
Aaron Scott Holstone, 23, is charged with possession of a stolen vehicle and felony evading arrest in a vehicle.
He was caught after a brief foot search in the Airport addition after abandoning the car and fleeing on foot.
The events unfolded about 7 p.m. and started when a patrolling taft Police officer noticed a red Nissan Sentra spinning a “donut” on Pico Street  between  South Tenth Street and Asher.
The officer then said the car then turned north on Asher from Pico without stopping for the posted stop sign and continued south on Asher to Fourth, accelerating and running another stop sign at Main Street.
The officer activated this red lights and siren and began a pursuit. The red car went north to the area of San Emidio and Fourth where it  turned and the officer lost sight of it.
Pedestrians in the area pointed in the direction the car had fled and the officer spotted it again in an alley between San Emidio and Woodrow.
The suspect car continued eastbound to Williams Way, the south and across highway 119 to the residential area near the Taft Airport.
Aranda said a witness heard the car speed into the all between the 300 blocks of East San Emidio and Woodrow and stop.
The driver got out and fled.
By this time other officers where in the area, and, with a witness description, caught Holstone a short time later.
Aranda said officers contacted the owners of the Sentra and were told it was taken without permission and without their knowledge.
Kern County Superior Court records show Holstone was convicted of  stolen vehicle charges in march of 2008 and sentenced to two years in state prison, again in September of 2009 and received another two-year term; in June 2010 and got yet another two-year term and a fourth two-year term in March of this year.
Holstone is being held on $30,000 bail for the most recent arrest and on a no-bail hold for violating probation. He is due to be back in court on Aug. 30.