Rev. David Greskowiak is new leader for Taft's Catholic Church

Rev. David Greskowiak is the new priest at  Taft's St. Mary's  Church.
 His hometown is Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and he is the son of Frank and Agnus Greskowiak. Father David has many hobbies that he enjoys such as bicycle riding, hiking, sailing, and camping.
Celebrating the eucharist which is the celebration of the communion,  being involved with the kids, and the opportunity to make things betters are things he most enjoys at work. Most people in the community think that working as a priest is a very simple thing to do.
“I have to do other services out of town to the ill, marriage consoles, communion, and many more outside services”, said Father David.
As a priest Father David has gone through many experiences and two of his most precious memories are: the day of Ordination with two other priest were he experienced a beautiful feeling.
Another great memory is when he is able to confess younger kids that need someone to talk to.  
His motivation was the desire to want to make a difference and have more than just a job.
 He also was inspired by the 1999 Colombine school shooting were kids were shot to death. When he saw the incident he wanted to change his way of seeing life to make a difference in others. His perspective of Taft is very simple.
He likes the town and hopes that it gains more prosperity.