Vince Maiocco will go on a motorcycle ride to Northern Bakersfield and back

 In lean fiscal times with budget cuts a rule of thumb, it takes a little creativity to raise money.

That’s what Taft College baseball coach Vince Maiocco is doing.

Early Saturday morning, he will embark on a 100-mile bicycle ride to generate additional funds for his program.

“I’ve been getting pledges for every mile I ride or people can just make a donation,” he said. Students and staff plan to give Maiocco a sendoff by gathering in front of the administration building. “I’m planning to leave about 6:30,” he said. “The plan is to ride to Hart Park (north of Bakersfield), turn around and ride back. That’s the plan.”

All of the proceeds will go into the baseball team’s club fund. Those interested in pitching in can contact him at the baseball office in the Cougar Sports Center (763-7822).