Temps could fall next week as autumn starts

There's another very warm week ahead, but, as the season changes this weekend, so may our weather.
Fall starts officially on Saturday at 7:49 a.m. local time, a cooling trend could start the next day.

After another week of afternoon highs in the upper 90s, a change in the weather pattern could lower temperatures as much as 10 degrees by Sunday.

It all depends on what track a low pressure system off the Pacific coast takes.

The National Weather Service says it forecast models are having a hard time coming to a consensus, and there is a low degree of confidence in how much cooling the area will see starting Sunday and continuing into next week.

But all indications are temperatures will be dropping some. That's a relief after another late summer hot spell brought in a sweltering high of 106 on Friday and 103 on Saturday.

Highs through this weekend are expected to stay under 100, but not by much.

Highs for Friday and Saturday are expected to hit 98.