Vandalism, prohibited weapons, hit and run, forgery

7:57am Misc - Family Disurbance 415 verbal male is wearing a tan shirt and is in the parking lot near 621 Center St. Incident location was 600 Center St, Taft. Completed.

8:40am Misc. - Other Service 2 subjects panhandling at the ATM. One is wearing a navy blue striped shirt. Subjects are refusing to leave. Incident location was 329 Kern St, Chase Bank, Taft. Completed. Subject leaving the area.

10:18am Trespassing Car parked out front and door is open, white car. Unfounded No further. Incident location was 123 North St, Taft. Completed.

10:35am Animal Control 9 West park Wy, 905 R 3 pitbulls towards church street. Warning (Verbal/Written) 905s returned to yard. Counseled owners.

12:21pm Poss or Pass Check w/ Intent to Defraud
155 North St #1/2, Taft. Completed.

1:01pm Hit and Run w/Prop Damage - No Injury 20002 other vehicle light blue Taurus. Incident location was 1001 Kern St, McDonalds, Taft. Report taken.

1:16pm Vandalism - Less than $1000 594 IP subject is the RPs ex boyfriend who is possibly inside the house possibly in possession of a knife. RP is standing by out front. Incident location was 221 North St, Taft. Completed.

2:48pm Assault - Non Aggravated Officer initiated activity at Buena Vista Continuation School, 900 N. Tenth St, Taft. Report taken.

3:09pm Forgery - Checks /Money Orders Incident location was 220 Center St, Sears Hometown Store, Taft. RP will contact bank to see when account was closed to see if it was before or after the check was written. Completed.

4:36pm Annoying Phone Calls 653M report. Incident location was 108 Center St #7, Taft. Completed.

4:49pm Miscellaneous Disturbance Subject refusing to leave property. Subject will be a male wearing a black long sleeve button up shirt. Black shorts. Incident location was 515 Finley Dr, Watermill Express, Taft. Completed. Subject leaving the area.

4:59pm Misc. - Family Disturbance 225 Woodrow St. Contact RP regarding 415 verbal w/ her stepfather. RP is standing by at... Completed.

7:11pm Vandalism - Less than $1000 201 Warren St. Completed.

11:30pm Disturbing the Peace Incident location was 509 Sixth St, Outpost Food Store, Taft. Unable to locate.

12:17am Misc. - Other Service Officer initiated activity at 108 Center St #6, Taft. Completed.

12:23am Misc. - Other Service Officer initiated activity at 215 San Emidio St, Taft. Completed.

12:36am Warrant Arrest - Other Agency Officer initiated activity at Harrison St/Ash St, Ford City. Arrest made. Cite/relased on cite.

12:50am Misc. - Other Service Officer initiated activity at 111. W. ASh St, Ford City. Completed.

1:09pm Misc. -Patrol Check Officer initiated activity at 700 Fourth St, Taft. Completed.

2:20pm Vehicle Check Officer initiated activity at Second St/Kern St, Taft. Completed.

4:13am Possession Prohibited Illegal Weapons Officer initiated activity at 320 Commerce Wy, Taft. Completed.

6:18am Disturbing the Peace 110 E. San Emidio St