Immigrants say they want to clean up to give back to community

The Taft City council welcomed an offer of help from the Oaxacan community.
The  three councilmen present at Tuesday night's meeting– Orchel Krier, Ron Waldrop and mayor Pro Tem Paul Linder –  all endorsed a proposal from the group to do a volunteer cleanup in the city.
Businessman and Taft Chamber of Commerce Director Ed Herrera spoke on behalf of the group and said they just want to give something back.
“We would like to be able to do some good here in the community,” said Herrera, who brought the idea to the council along with Zenon Silva Cruz, a leader in the Oaxacan community, several month ago. “They do this because their children are in the schools and they want to contribute something back.”
Tuesday night, Herrera and Cruz were joined by officials from the Mexican Consulate in Los Angeles.
Oaxacans are  a distinct ethnic group from southern Mexico.
The group is only asking for help with bags to dispose of the trash and safety vests, Herrera said.
Linder said the city can help with that.
“I don't think there's anything negative about this whatsoever,” he said.
“My hat's off to you for taking this on and doing this service,” Waldrop said.
Krier said he was impressed with the group and their leadership.