Third delay starting to test patience of city officials

The proposed contract between Los Angeles County Sheriff's office and City of Taft has been delayed for a third time.

The city was notified Monday morning that the proposed $75 million contract between the Taft and the L.A. County Sheriff to house inmates in the empty Taft Community Correctional Facility was being pulled from the agenda for Tuesday L.A.  CoountySupervisor meeting yet again.

Chief of Police Ed Whiting and Mayor Randy Miller confirmed that the city is being put off again while it waits for a contract that could put 50 people back to work and pump thousands of dollars back into the the city.

Both officials indicated they are getting tired of the delays.

When asked if the city was given a reason by Los Angeles County for another delay, Whiting replied: "You'll have to ask them."

Miller said he has been given no real reason.

"I don't know if it's politics, if it's unions, if it's money or what," the mayor said. "One of the supervisors took it off the agenda for more review."

Miller wouldn't comment when asked if the city was looking at other alternatives to find inmates for the CCF.

"I'll have to say no comment on that. But we're not just sitting still," Miller said.

The taft City Council called a special meeting to ratify the tentative contract in early August and expected L.A. County to do the same thing. But the item has has been postponed now three times since mid-August.