Lady Indians win two road games before finishing second in a tournament

One could say it has been a very busy week for the Maricopa varsity volleyball team. It has also been a successful one for the Lady Indians on the road after winning two matches and finishing second in a tournament.

Maricopa’s run started last Tuesday with a 25-8, 25-3, 17-25 and a 25-18 victory over Shandon in Shandon.

“We had a very good first two games,” said Lady Indians coach Reina Cruz.  “Mentally we weren’t focused which caused us to have to go to four games. We overcame it in the fourth game to win the match.”

Courtney Downey had 23 points, an ace, five digs and four hits in the match while Emily Phillips had 17 points, five aces, eight digs and a hit.

Noemi Gomez had 12 points, six aces, 12 digs, two kills and four hits while Lizzy Rowan had seven points, seven digs and three hits.

A couple of days later, the Lady Indians pulled out another dramatic win with a 25-13, 25-4, 24-26, 22-25 and a 15-5 victory over North County Christian in Atascadero.

“We played really well until we lost focus in the third game,” said Cruz.  “We regained it in the fifth to win the match.”

Gomez had 18 points, three aces, a kill and 10 hits while Cortney Downey had 17 points, and a hit while Emily Phillips had 15 points, six aces, two digs and nine hits. Kayla Houston had 11 points, an ace, five kills and nine hits.

Maricopa wrapped up their run Saturday with a second place finish at the Valley Christian League tournament.

“The girls had a very long day,” said Cruz.  “They played really well.”

Houston had 29 points, 11 aces and 14 kills in the tournament. Phillips had 41 points, 14 aces and seven kills.

Downey had 22 points and four aces. Gomez chipped in with 21 points, 15 aces and seven kills.