Burglary, drug dealing arrest, assist on stabbing in Taft Heights

8:03am 315 San Emidio St, Taft, reported 905c. Completed.

8:05am Reported 905c in janitorial closet. Incident location was 811 N. Sixth St, Lincoln Annex, Taft. Cancel assignment.

9:22am Officer initiated activity at 302 Second Av 31/2, Taft Heights, Completed.

10:18am 911 hang up from a cell phone, male subject on the line. Unable to recontact on 10-21. Incident location was 300 Pine Dr, Taft. Completed.

10:25am 487 report contact RP at incident location was 504 San Emidio St #A, Taft. Code c. Report taken.

10:28am Officer initiated activity at 109 Harrison St, Ford City, Completed.

10:40am Incident location was 509 Sixth St, Outpost Food Stpre, Taft. Report taken.

10:43am Officer initiated activity at Fourth St/San Emidio St, Taft. Arrest made. Cite/released.

10:57am Officer initiated activity at Fourth St/Kern St. Completed.

10:59am Officer initiated activity at 504 San Emidio St #B, Taft. Report taken.

12:35pm Incident location was 527 North St, Taft. Completed.

1:27pm Assist KCSO 245 subject with a kitchen knife. W/M, 30 years, meduim build, white tank, unknown color pants. Incident location was 526 B St, Taft. Assisted.

2:53pm Incident location was 400 Center St, Taft. Unable to locate.

9:04pm Officer initiated activity at Roosevelt School, 811 N. Sixth St, Taft. Checks OK> Building secure.

9:07pm CHP reported 10851 vehicle recovered. Requesting officer to dust for prints. Incident location was Midway Rd/Hwy 199, Ford City. Assisted.

10:48pm In alleyway. Incident location was 112 Lucard St, Taft. Completed.

12:04am 415 phys between kids on middle of street, possibly fighting. Incident location was 300 E. San Emidio St, Taft. Checks ok. No 415 juveniles horseplaying.

1:50am Officer initiated activity at D St/Fifth Av, Taft Heights. Assisted.

2:40am Someone broke into her neighbors house. Neighbor is not home, also stating that someone took her bike after she went inside the residence. Incident location was 400 Woodrow St #1, Taft. Report taken.

3:14am Kern County Sheriff reported 415 verbal. Incident location was Filmore St/Elm St, Ford City. Arrest made.

Perry, David Jay possession of a controlled substance for sales
Pitts, Randy James parole violation