Auto theft arrest, two drug arrests

8:24am Incident location was 600 Garratt St, Taft. Notice issued.

8:32am Officer initiated activity at 302 E. Kern St, Taft. Completed.

8:44am Officer initiated activity at 209 Fourth St #1, Taft. Completed.

8:56am Officer initiated activity at Taft City Hall, 209 E. Kern St, Taft. Animal pickup.

9:48am Female, heavy black/blue black shots, male black jeans. Both walking towards Center St. Incident location was 200 Sixth St, Taft. Unfounded.

10:57am Officer initiated actvity at 302 E. Kern St, Taft. N/aly. Animal pickup.

10:58am Incident location was 600 Center St, Taft. Report taken.

11:24am Incident location was 400 Woodrow St #4, Taft. Animal pickup. Impound one duck.

11:53am Taft Post Office, reported. Incident location was 1001 Kern St, McDonalds, Taft. Report taken.

12:27pm Officer initiated activity 10 100 Kern St, Taft. Animal pickup. Impound.

2:09pm Incident location was 105 Seventh St, Taft. Warning (verbal/written) Both parties counseled.

2:40pm Officer initiated activity at Elm St/Harrison St, Ford City. Completed.

3:04pm Officer initiated activity at Sixth St/Emmons Park Dr, Taft. Completed. Parties exchanged information.

4:27pm Incident location was 323 Pine Dr, Taft. Vehicle description: Orange Gry 2000 KTM m/c. Report taken.

4:39pm Officer initiated activity at 102 Lexington Av, Taft. Completed.

6:22pm Incident location was 314 S. Tenth St, Taft. Warning (Verbal/written) Verbal only. Subjects counseled.

6:45pm Incident location was 523 Lucard St, Taft. Completed.

7:12pm Officer initiated activity at E. Main St/Adkisson Wy, Taft. Arrest made. Cite/released.

11:25pm Officer initiated activity at 511 Fifth St, Taft. Arrest made.

11:54pm Officer initiated activity at 700 San Emidio St, Taft. Arrest made.

Jameson, Ashley Renee vehicle theft, possession of stolen property
 Garcia, Jose possession of a controlled substabce
 Smith, Robert Leon Melton  possession of marijuana