Ex-girlfriend hits girlfriend

7:40am Medical. Incident location was 918 Second St, Taft. Assisted.

9:09am KCSO reported. Incident location was 919 Madera St, Maricopa. Outside assist.

9:52am Officer initiated activity at 100 Van Buren St, Ford City. Completed.

9:59am Officer initiated activity at 104 Pico St, South Taft. Completed.

10:20am Officer initiated activity at 201 Taylor St, Ford City. Completed.

11:21am Officer initiated activity at Goodwill Industries, 411 Finley Dr, Taft. Animal pickup.

11:29am Officer initiated activity at 27500 block of Maple St. Completed.

11:30am Officer initiated activity at Taft High School, 701 Seventh St, Taft. Animal pickup.

11:40am Officer initiated activity at 123 N. Tenth St #76, Taft. Animal pickup.

2:19pm Officer initiated activity at Chase Bank, 329 Kern St, Taft. Talked to the subjects having car wash for the guy who was struck by car. Completed.

2:22pm Officer initiated activity at 600 Sixth St, Taft. Checks OK.

2:44pm Officer initiated activity at Fourth St/Warren St, Taft. Outside assist.

2:53pm Incident location was Center St/Tenth St, Taft. Checks Ok.

2:58pm Reported Wii system from. Completed.

3:06pm Incident location was 200 E. Kern St, Taft. Animal pickup.

4:14pm Officer initiated activity at Sixth St/San Emidio, Taft. Arrest made.

4:33pm Possible kids graffiti in alley. Incident location was 400 Sierra St, Taft. Report taken.

5:29pm Incident location was 500 Wildcat Wy, Taft. Civil problem.

6:31pm From a red vehicle. Incident location was 300 S. Seventh St, Taft. Warning (verbal/written) Advised to turn the music down.

7:35pm Case # issued in error. Pdo at Dominos parking. Incident location was Sixth St/Kern St, Taft. Civil problem. Information exchanged between parties. Suspension issued.

8:49pm Sub looking into veh. with flashlight. Checks OK. Residence appears secure. Negative on 647(h).

8:52am Someone inside the abandoned building. Incident location was Main St/Seventh St, Taft. Checks Ok.

11:15pm Officer initiated activity at Airport Rd/Hwy 119, Taft. Completed.

12:08am  R/P stating  his ex girlfriend hit his girlfriend. Ex-girlfriend left the scene.. Civil problem.

12:21am Possibly intoxicated and was just nipped by his dog and is on his neighbors porch. Incident location was 123 N. Tenth St, Taft. Gone on arrival. Sub left area.

2:36am Officer initiated activity 100  block of Pierce St, Ford City. Assisted.