Officers investigate several car crashes

7:26am  Injury accident location was Hwy 33/Cadet Rd, Taft. Report taken.

8:32am 905 r, small gold dog and gold lab mix. Incident location was 200 E. San Emidio St, Taft. Animal pickup.

9:56am Contact RP regarding suspicious subjects loitering in the area. Incident location was 500 Kern St, Taft. Completed.

10:38am 905 d. Incident location was Calvin St/Third St, Taft. Completed.

10:56am RP is requesting contact regarding suspicious circumstances. Unauthorized subject using a key to enter residence. Completed.

11:25am Officer initiated activity at 525 Washington Av #B, Taft. Completed.

11:36am Incident location was 701 Seventh St, Taft High School, Taft. Accidental pocket dial from pep rally. Log note only.

1:56pm Officer initiated activity at 500 Kern St, Taft. Animal pickup.

3:30pm Non injury accident. Incident location was Seventh St/San Emidio St, Taft. Report taken.

3:41pm Non injury accidentParties exchanged information. Incident location was 500 Cascade Pl, Westside Recreation, Taft. Completed.

8:30pm Officer initiated activity a 725 Kern St, Taft. Completed.

8:44pm Officer initiated activity at 108 Center St #7, Taft. Completed.

10:01pm 2 males walking around her back yard by her boat. Incident location was was 200 block E. Woodrow sT. Taft. Gone on arrival. Non criminal. Subjects left area prior to arrival.

11:12pm Officer initiated activity at 200 Birch St, Ford City. Checks OK.

1:33am Officer initiated activity at 626 Lucard St #6, Taft. Completed.