Suspect faces armed robbery, burglary charges after barging into apartment, forcing man to surrender shirt

Taft Police arrested a man on armed robbery charges after he was caught wearing a T-shirt he is accused of stealing at knife-point.

Lee Alan Hardy is accused of barging into an apartment, threatening several people inside the apartment, and taking a distinctive T-shirt right off the back on one of his victims.

Hardy was wearing the shirt when officers arrested him, Lt. Pete Aranda said.

The incident started about 2 p.m. in the apartments at 1210 North Fourth street.

Aranda siad the victims told officers hardy forced his way through the front door armed with a hunting knife with a 4-inch blade.

He waved the knife at the people inside, Aranda said, then demanded the shirt of one man's back.

“He saw a subject wearing a T-shirt and told the subject the T-shirt belonged to him,” Aranda said. “The subject feared for his safety, that Hardy would hurt him, so he surrendered the T-shirt and handed it to Hardy.”

The suspect left the scene and police were called.

Officers began searching for the suspect and found him a few blocks away, wearing the T-shirt described by the victim.

It was a black T-shirt with the logo “Social Distortion” on it, Aranda said.

Hardy is charged with residential armed robbery and residential burglary and using a deadly weapon while committing a felony.