House next door burned about a month ago

Fire destroyed a vacant home in South Taft late Tuesday night.
Details are sketchy. There were apparently no injuries
The fire was reported  just before 11 p.m. and was in the 100 block of Q Street, next door to where another vacant house burned  a month ago.
Residents in the area reported hearing two explosions about the time the fire broke out, but firefighters said the loud noises could have been caused by the fire.
“That's not unusual,” said  Kern County Fire Battalion Chief Greg Black.
The house was boarded up and had not been lived in for several years, the owner said.
It was the latest in a series of fires in the area dating back to last may.
Several small grass and trash fires have been reported and a garage caught fire just south of last night's fire a week ago.
In addition to fires that destroyed the abandoned house next door to the one that burned last night and a fire in early June that destroyed an occupied house several blocks to the east on South Street.
An arson investigator was sent to the scene of last night's fire “just because we've had so many fires up here,” Black said.