Antonia Galvin Cabezas was diagnosed a year ago with Breast Cancer. She discovered it through self-examination, her breast was sore and she felt a lump. She did not dismiss it and went straight to the hospital for x-rays and a mammogram. The hospital had confirmed that she had breast cancer. Because she did not delay, they were able to diagnose it at an early stage and did not remove her breast. Her treatments she received was Chemo Therapy every month, for 4 months and the second treatment she is receiving is Chemo Therapy every month and a half for 3 months. The doctors also inserted a little piece of metal in case she had to see other doctors or left the area, they would know where it originated.

Three weeks ago the doctor diagnosed that it was controlled and every week for three weeks she has to get reexamined to make sure that it stays controlled and every 6 months there after until she has full recovery.

Antonio is not a stranger to cancer and believes in yearly check ups and self-examination. Her mother, Maria Garcia at the age of 60 was diagnosed with Uterine Cancer; she had the surgery and lived to the age of 70, where she did not recover from a stroke, not cancer. Her sister. Maria Galvin was diagnosed 15 years ago, with breast cancer and had a breast removal, 3 ½ years ago, again the cancer was found in her other breast and it was also removed. Doctor's have diagnosed Maria that she is clear of all cancer to date.

Antonia believes everyone should have yearly check ups, including men, breast cancer is not sexist; cancer of all types with early detection is the cure. When a person is diagnosed with a disease, it not only changes your life but the lives of others that are around you. Have a positive attitude, a lot of faith, with the strength and support of your loved ones. God Bless All