Trash your toilet and get a voucher for a new, more efficient one

Westside area residents have an opportunity Saturday to trade in their old toilets for a new one that uses less water.
“Junk Your John Day” is a collaboration of the West Kern Water District, the Water Association of Kern County, PG&E, and Cooper’s True Value Home Center.
It will be held from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the corner of Kern and Ninth streets next to the water district office.
West Side Waste Management will be on hand to haul away the old commodes people turn in for a $150 voucher to get a replacement provided by Cooper’s.
Forty toilets were ordered but water district General Manager Harry O. Starkey said the response from the community prompted organizers to order 100.
“The response has been much better than we anticipated,” he said as he checked the arriving stock of toilets at Cooper’s on Monday.  “We’re very excited with the response.”
Only customers of the West Kern Water District are eligible for the program and can trade in up to three of the old, inefficient models.
Owners of multiple housing units can get up to six.
Residents must provide a driver’s license or water bill to qualify.
Vendors of other water saving products will be on hand.