Visiting player taken away in an ambulance after attempting to make a tackle; game halted citing lack of players and safety concerns

Immanuel Christian School's game against Pilgrim High School came to an abrupt end on Saturday when Pilgrim running back Albert Park was taken away in an ambulance following a hard collision in the second quarter.

Park went down after colliding with Sterling Board attempting to make a tackle. The two hit, with Board falling forward onto Park.

The Patriots' workhorse didn't get up, complaining of a throat injury. According to ICS Athletic Director, Park was taken to Ridgecrest Regional Hospital as a precaution because the injury was in the neck area.

"Anytime there is a neck issue, it's best to take him in," Smith said.

Pilgrim started the game with just eight players and had already lost its quarterback in the first quarter with an apparent leg injury. With just six players available to play, both athletic directors decided it wasn't worth the risk to other players to keep going.

At the time of the stoppage, ICS was leading 22-0 with less than 9 minutes left in the second quarter. Both sides were already playing with seven players each.

The game will go down as a win for ICS, but it wasn't immidiatly clear if the stats would stand.