Suspect was at home hiding under laundry when deputies find him

Kern County Sheriff's deputies got their man – make that teenager – when they found a burglary suspect hiding under a pile of dirty laundry at his house earlier this week.
Deputies were investigating a burglary in the 300 block of Montview Avenue that was reported Monday.
A family told deputies that  when they returned home, they noticed several things missing, including some electronics, from the living room and a bedroom.
Deputies developed information at the scene and were able to link the case to someone living in a home on Wood Street, Sgt. Martin downs said.
When they went there, they found their suspect -- a 15-year-old boy – hiding under a pile of laundry in the home.
He was charged with three counts of burglary after deputies linked to not only the Monday theft but thefts committed in September on the 400 block of  Montview and the  400 block of Buena Vista, Downs said.