Boy continued walking to school after being hit in crosswalk.

Taft Police are investigating a low-speed accident between a car and a child walking to school Thursday morning.

No charges have been filed while the case is under investigation.

Taft Police Lt. Pete Aranda said the 11 year old boy was walking to school in a crosswalk at Sixth and Woodrow about 7:45 a.m.

A car stopped at the stop sign went into the crosswalk and struck the boy at low speed, Aranda said.

“The driver did, at a very low speed, run into a pedestrian who was crossing the street,” Aranda said. “Prior to that, she was stopped at a stop sign facing into the sun which may have contributed to her not seeing the pedestrian when she pulled forward.”

The boy was not thrown to the ground or onto the car, Aranda said

“The boy stood back up, took a few steps and the driver rolled down her window and asked if he was OK,” Aranda said. “The child said 'yes' and he turned and walked away from the vehicle and continued towards the school.”

The driver then left and continued driving but was followed by the driver behind her, who called police and provided a description of the car.

Police located and spoke to the driver, identified by Aranda as Darnell Rowe, 32, a city employee.
They also contacted the child and medical aid was summoned.

A parent was also contacted and, after the boy was examined by a paramedic, the parent refused medical aid and the boy remained in school .

Aranda said officers are completing their investigation and will be forwarding it to the Kern County District Attorney early next week.

He said “there are possibly some violations.”