Families deliver Thanksgiving food to the needy in Taft area

Taft Chevrolet employees and their families began Thanksgiving Day by giving.
The employees fanned out around the area on the holiday delivering food baskets to 25 families who might other otherwise not have a Thanksgiving day meal.
"Times are still tough," said General Manager Devinder Singh Bains. "You can so cut in some areas to survive, but providing food for needy people was just not an option."
It was the eighth year the Taft Chevrolet family has provided Thanksgiving Day meals.
"God has given us the strength to do this and we pray to God to keep giving us the strength to serve in the future in the taft community and anywhere else its needed."
Taft Chevrolet works I conjunction with the West Side Community Resources Center, which coordinates food baskets to make sure as many families as possible are helped.
"I personally want to say 'thank you' to Sandy Koenig who helped identify the people we helped," Bains said.. "Sandy is the force behind all this. We are just Santa's helpers."
Bains also thanked the employees and family member who pitched in.