Stay focused, stay aware and take precautions so crime doesn't ruin your holiday

The Taft Police Officer's Association is proud that Taft is the safest city in Kern County, and they are committed to keeping it that way.

However, Taft is not crime-free, and many Taft citizens will be traveling or shopping in other cities during the holiday season.

To help keep people and their property safe, the TPOA offers the following reminders to help ensure this Christmas is merry:


•Be aware of your surroundings in parking lots. Criminals will target someone who looks like easy prey. If you are focused, aware, and undistracted, you are less likely to be targeted by criminals.

•Park in well-lit areas and remember where you parked

•Do not talk on your cell phone while walking to or from your car.

•Do not "flash" large amounts of cash while paying at the register.

•Have your car keys in-hand and ready to go before you leave the building. This way you won't be fumbling for your keys.

•Don't be shy about asking for a security escort to your vehicle.

•If you must leave packages in your vehicle, lock them in the trunk or otherwise out of sight.


•Always lock your residence.

•Always lock your vehicle.

•If possible, never leave anything valuable in your vehicle, even if you lock it.

The TPOA wishes all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. You can contact the TPOA at