Former Bakersfield city councilman experienced in county government, too

Mark Salvaggio will become a familiar face on the Westside very soon.
Salvaggio is joining the staff of  Kern County  Fourth District Supervisor-elect David Couch and will be going to work on Monday.
He calls it a “new chapter in my life.”
 Still, Salvaggio is experienced in local government.
He is a former Bakersfield City Councilman and also worked in the Fifth District  for Supervisor Michael Rubio.
Salvaggio said he's looking forward to his new job and the new challenge.
“This will be my second tour of duty with the County of Kern, he said Wednesday. “I will approach every constituent issue and circumstance with the same dogged commitment that I exercised during my five years of service with (former Supervisor  Rubio). No problem will be too small and people from all stations of life will be served.”
“The demographics and geography of the 4th District is much different than the 5th District,” he continued.  “I look forward to helping David assist the people of Frazier Park, Maricopa, Taft, Buttonwillow, Lost Hills, Wasco, as well as portions of southwest and northwest (including Rosedale) Bakersfield with their basic needs. David is committed to making the people of living in the more rural areas of the 4th District know they are important and accessible to us.
Salvaggio has already visited Taft several times since Couch's election for events such as Industry Night at the Petroleum Club and Taft College's 90th anniversary celebration and the dedication of the Al Baldock Cougar Sports Center.
He said he plans to attend the annual Taft District Chamber of Commerce installation dinner  on Feb. 7 with Couch and the rest of Couch's staff.