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The Midway Driller's Cutest Baby Contest is back.
The popular event returns for 2013 in an online form that will save money for proud parents and grandparents that email photos of contestants.
The contest is going to be held online at to allow everyone an equal opportunity to vote.
In the past, with voting by ballots published in the Midway Driller had led to problems with ballot stuffing and the inability for everyone to get a ballot.
Now, all votes are cast online.
the contest if open to children aged newborn to 7 years
 A link will be added soon to this website,  or you can sign up on the taft MIdway Driller group Facebook page on the contest link (We have two Facebook pages, so be sure to find the correct one.  Its the page that measures "Likes.")
There is a $10 registration fee and you can enter babies and submit photos online.
Viewers can then look at all the entries and cast their votes online.
Its that simple.
If you  want, the Driller can scan hard copies of baby photographs at the Driller offices, 800 center St, for a $5 fee on top of the registration fee.
Prizes for this year's contest will be announced soon.