Highway 166 is open. Freezing weather is expected through the weekend.

Highway 33 south of Highway 166 is closed in the Cuyama Valley due to ice and snow on the roadway.

Interstate 5 over the Grapevine  has been  reopened to traffic in both directions. The CHP is escorting vehicles over the summit

Highway 33 is shut down at the junction with Highway 166 east of New Cuyama

There is no word on when either roadway will be reopened.

Snow was reported falling on Grocer Grade south of Maricopa at 7:44 p.m. Thursday night but Highway 166 is open, according to the CHP.
The road closures are the result of a very cold storm system that moved through the area on Thursday.
Show and ice pellets fell for a time even in Taft Thursday afternoon and the Temblor Range has a mantle of snow that remained overnight.

Taft got about a quarter-inch of precipitation Thursday. No more rain is expected, but freezing overnight temperatures are expected through the weekend.