Delay will allow developer and Oxy time to discuss access to mineral rights

The Taft City Council delayed for one week a crucial vote on new housing tract for Taft.

The delay give the city time to change the wording on environmental documents for the development and additional time to allow the developer and Occidental of Elk Hills more time to work out an agreement on the oil companies access to oil under the land.

The proposed Hillside Estates/Hillside Terrace estates development sits atop land that Oxy owns the mineral rights to.

Oxy external affairs manager Susie Geiger told the council Tuesday night that the firm needs more time to study the proposed housing tract that would bring 300 to 400 new homes to the west side of Taft.

The developers initially sought approval at last night's meeting for environmental documentation and a vesting tentative tract map for the Hill.

They agreed, at the request of the council, to wait another week.

Mayor Paul Linder and the council voted to table the discussion and the vote until a special meeting on Jan. 23 at 6 p.m.

See Friday's Taft Midway Driller print edition for a complete report on Tuesday's meeting and all the issues raised at a 3-hour, 15-minute session.