There's also a good chance or more rain on Friday and a slight chance over the weekend

So far in January we've had a cold snap, a warm week and now we're in for a wet spell.

Rain started falling early Thursday,m and Taft received .25 inches by midday.

There's a good chance of more rain through the night and a slight chance all the way through the weekend.

the National Weather Service says showers are likely Thursday afternoon with a 60 percent chance of more rain and a 50 percent chance of rain overnight.

The rain chance of 40 percent on Friday and Friday night.

The chance of showers drops to 20 percent on Saturday and Sunday.

The next work week will get off to a dry but cool start with overnight lows back in the 30s and highs in the 50s.

That's pretty moderate when you consider that we had several days of overnight lows in the 20s with highs reaching only into the 40s followed by a week of afternoon highs in the upper 60s.