Animal control officer took dog to vet after it was shot in head Wednesday. Its condition is unknown.

An early story posted on incorrectly stated that the dog shot by a Kern County Sheriff's deputy Wednesday in Ford City was not killed.

Senior Deputy Kevin George said the dog was shot in the head by a deputy when it charged a person in a wheelchair.

George said the dog ran from the scene after being shot, then returned to 302 Jackson Street.
George said an animal control officer took the dog to a veterinarian.

The condition of the dog was unknown Thursday morning.

Deputies responded to a report of a vicious dog in the alley on the west side of the 300 block of Monroe Street at 11:42 a.m. Wednesday.

While investigating the case, a pit bull climbed under a fence and then charged a person in a wheelchair, George said.
The deputy tried twice to fend the dog off with a baton but the dog continued to charge and the deputy shot the dog at that point, George said.