Theft from Ken Small gets man a 4-year 4-month prison term. Another going to jail for stealing from Oxy

Several defendants in oilfield thefts are going to jail or state prison after convictions.

On January 23, forty-one year old Michael Wayne Henry was sentenced to four years, four months in prison for felony grand theft from Ken Small Inc. Henry and his co-defendant were charged with using a stolen access card to purchase fuel for personal use and also sold the fuel for personal gain. Henry's co-defendant, Janell Welch,35, was sentenced in December to misdemeanor theft charges.

Both defendants were ordered to pay restitution in the amount of $59, 354.

Jose Carillio, 35, was arrested on Dec. 17, for the theft of oilfield equipment from Occidental Petroleum.
On Jan.17 Carillio pled guilty to a misdemeanor charge and was sentenced to sixty-four days in jail.

His co-defendant, Arsenio Soberanis, was released on bail and will be back in court on Feb. 4 to face felony grand theft charges.