Contact Taft Chamber of Commerce if you are interested

Here's your chance to get a bit part in a movie.

The Taft Chamber of Commerce is helping recruit extras for the final days of local filming of "A Girl Walks Home Alone in the Dark."

If you or someone you know is interested in participating, send an email to or call 765-2165 for more information.

The crew of is seeking extras to work Friday and Saturday.

They are looking for male and female extras, ages 18 to 65, to be available on Friday and Saturday from 5 p.m. until about 11 p.m.

Dark hair and mustaches for the men are preferred.

There will be snacks and hot beverages and hot meals provided in addition to screen credit in the film.
Men should look like backgammon players. 
They are looking for people of all ages and sizes and moustaches are definitely welcome.

(If you don't have one they will put one on you).

Extras should wear collared shirts, V-neck sweaters and sweater vests or "Bill Cosby-type" sweaters. With blazer jackets on top.

Khaki pants or trousers with pleats preferred and loafers or leather slippers for shoes; "Paperboy caps" or other vintage hats from 50's or 60's.; scarves and gloves with no finger tips.

There is also a preferred dress for the ladies – "velvet ladies of the night."

All ages and sizes are welcome and must look Iranian.

Wear a trenchcoat or jacket in the style of 50's 60's with tight pants, 

knee length leather high heeled boots or high heels (not platform, more standard and classic) are the preferred shoes.

Bring a purse and they will put a headscarf on you.